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prweb coupon for a 10% discount on a press releases with coupon code

prweb logoPRWeb.com has become wildly popular with small businesses looking to get news out quickly across the web. Not only is it great for pr, but it offers your website a noticeable boost in search engine rankings.

Use a coupon for PRWeb from below for up to a $50 discount!

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10% Off Coupon - $50 discount on your first order. Great online promotion for 2014
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Press Release Products - Just click above to activate a coupon for one of these products:
  • Basic Press Release - Basically you should invest in one of the better options below
  • Standard Press release - ($140 before coupon) News sent to 1000's of news & social media outlets, distribution to major search engines, permanent hosting of press release on prweb.com, images, etc. but no keyword links. Personally, I recommend the "Advanced" option.
  • Advanced Package - ($200 before any coupons) All of the above + keyword text links to your site(s), "Share This" option for viewers to share on Facebook, Twitter, and scial media, enhanced regional distribution and next day delivery. Most popular option. Use the links above!
  • Premium Press Release - ($360 before coupons) All the above with option to add video, custom URLs in release, improved distribution with a multimedia experience. Most of the time the Advanced Package (above) will suffice, unless you are going to fully utilize all of these options.



starWhere do I enter a coupon code? PRWeb offers ongoing promotions that are mostly intended for new customers only. The best coupon, offered intermittently, is their code for $50 off your first press release. Although this promotion isn't featured on their regular website, a number of affiliates offer the coupon online. There is no need to use a coupon code, as the discount from this coupon is applied automatically by clicking on any 3rd-party link promoting the offer. (like the link above, if available)

What is the best coupon for PRWeb? - The best promotion that PRWeb.com has ever run was this past June, when they featured a coupon for an amazing 50% off any press release. The catalyst for such a deal!? Apparently, over the Summer online sales in general slump a little bit, as many people are on vacation. This has produced a number of seasonal coupons from online stores that aren't available during peak business months of the year. If you aren't in a hurry to write a press release, maybe you can hold out for this incredible deal again. The $50 off coupon is actually pretty great too, so if you are on the fence about submitting a press release, this coupon could be your motivation.

About - As a leading online press release distribution service, prweb.com is used by over forty thousand organizations and businesses. Companies use their PR services to improve their online presence, boost SEO, and increase sales. Get your good news out to potential customers, bloggers, and journalists with a good online press release. A PR campaign can make or break company, and that is why thousands of businesses choose prweb.com every year as an investment in their business.

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Still advertising your business the hard way? Try PRWeb instead!

SEO Benefits of PRWeb
Search engine optimization requires a combination of good, relevant content and quality incoming links to your website. In addition to getting your message out, the second important feature offered by PRWeb is that it offers both of these tasty SEO ingredients at a reasonable price. Their most popular product the Advanced Press Release, enables customers to submit a well-written, keyword-rich press release with keyword text links back to their site. Search engines immediately pick up on these links, and it offers a boost in search engines for these keywords. "PR" also stands for "PageRank" with Google. Another benefit, of course, is that you can use a coupon today to save up to $50.

What about free press release sites? There is no such thing as a free lunch, my friend. Remember that one simple piece of advice. Sites online that offer free services are usually of lower quality, and depend on other means to make a profit, like tons of ads, spam, or offering a low-quality product. This is America, and I am happy to pay for something that will ultimately be a good investment! The good news is that you can use a coupon for PR Web, and still feel victorious.

To learn more, view sample press releases offered on PRWeb.com, and use their free tools which will help you write a professional press release today!

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PRWeb Coupon for up to $50 off Online Press Releases

Coupon Codes and Discounts
Welcome to celebritydogwatcher.com! You probably know us for our featured celebrity dogs, but we also offer great coupons and promotional codes for online stores and services like PRWeb.com - No matter what business or industry you are in, positive PR and improved SEO are good things. Use the PRWeb coupon codes above to get up to a $50 discount on your next online press release.